Supplier of Raw Materials for Addhesives, Incs, Lubricants, Paints, Tyres & Plastic Industries
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Welcome to our company
"Welcome to a new experience of one stop shop for your requirements of raw material solutions for Synthetic, Rubbers, Plastics Raw materials, Petro-chemicals from the reputed Manufactures across globe at competitive prices. You name it & we have it"
Service Par Excellence
"We benchmark international best practices in customer services ,there by clearly understanding the exact requireements &fitting Just in time requirements for our customers.Thus assuring a quality products at an affordable prices.This has enabled us to dream bigger & grow bigger"
  Tyres & Tubes   Adhesives
  "Appriciate & Encourage Female Child Birth"
Industries Served
Automobile Tyres

    a. Solventbased

    b. Hotmelt adhesives

Footwears, Shoesoles
Printing Inks
Paints & Road Marking Paints
Plastic Industry
wire & Cable
Base Oils
Bio - Plastics
Carbon Black
Chemicals & Solvent
Dearomatized Hydrocarbon Fluids From Shall Global Chemicals
Gum Rosin Derivatives
Hydrocarbon Resins (C5 & C9)
Leather Chemicals From Quimser. S.A. Spain
Lubricant Additives
OCP'S for VI Improvers
Paraffin & Microcrystalline Wax
Plastic Additives / Impact Modifiers
Plastic Raw Materials / Engineering  Plastics
Poly ISO Butylene From Shandong Hongrui Petrochemicals Ltd. Chaina
Synthetic Rubber
Titanium Dioxide (Anatase & Rutiile)
Reprocessed synthetic Rubber from DIH WEI CO LTD Taiwan
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