Supplier of Raw Materials for Addhesives, Incs, Lubricants, Paints, Tyres & Plastic Industries
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  1. Base Oils  

Both domestic as well as imported i.e.SN70/SN100/SN150/SN500 in
group-1 & Group-2, Group-5 & PAO
Heavy alakalid (HA),Pale-2000



Furnance Oil

Transformer Oil 

  2. Bio - Plastics  

Available as Certified Compostable or BiohybridTM, Cardia resins are heavy metal free, made with less oil, contain GMO free renewable plant based material and are US FDA and EU food contact regulatory requirements compliant. With a lower carbon footprint, Cardia Bioplastics Compostable and BiohybridTM resins are the quality sustainable choice!

Cardia Bioplastics Compostable & BiohybridTM Resins

Available in two environmentally friendly options


1. Cardia Compostable resins

• Certified biodegradable & compostable

• Made with less oil

• Contain GMO free, renewable, plant based material

• Can be composted in aerobic, industrial composting plants

• Turned into compost, condition soil for improved plant growth

• Independently verified

Cardia Compostable resins meet international standards for compostability, including Europe’s EN 13432, the USA’s ASTM D 6400, Japan’s GreenPla, Australia’s AS 4736.
Cardia Compostable resins enable customers to offer fully compostable packaging and plastic products, with no additional investment in existing production equipment. Derived from renewable resources, our products are soft touch, colourable and printable.

Typical Cardia Compostable resin applications include:
• Flexible film up to 120 microns
• Shopping bags & Carry bags
• Bin liners & garden waste bags
• Mulch films
• Injection moulded products including cutlery & food utensils, ice cream sticks and closures
We can develop compounds for specific customer needs, as well as offering a base compostable resin range, including:

Product Name Description End use
Cardia Compostable B-F Biodegradable Film and Extrusion Grade Masterbatch for flexible film applications
Cardia Compostable B-M Biodegradable Moulding Grade Masterbatch for rigid packaging applications

2. Cardia BiohybridTM resins

• Made with less oil & heavy metal free

• Contain GMO free, renewable, plant based material

• Reduces global warming by sequestering CO2

• Lower carbon foot print verified by independent Life Cycle Assessment

• Cost effective alternative to fossil fuel derived plastic packaging

• Recyclable in conventional plastic recycling streams

Cardia BiohybridTM resins are a blend of renewable thermoplastic materials and traditional polyolefins. BiohybridTM resins allow manufacturers to embrace sustainable packaging early with existing equipment, and enable them to immediately increase the renewable content of their products by up to 50% and reduce their carbon footprint. Cardia BiohybridTM high performance range is colourable and printable.

Typical applications include:
• Flexible film
• Overwrap packaging
• Shopping bags & Carry bags
• Bin liners & garden waste bags
• Blow moulded bottles
• Injection moulded products including cutlery & food utensils, pens and closures
• Packaging foams
Cardia Bioplastics can tailor compounds to suit specific customer applications. The base BiohybridTM resins range includes:

Product Name Description End use
Cardia BiohybridTM BL-F High renewable, blendable Film and Extrusion Grade Masterbatch for flexible film applications
Cardia BiohybridTM BL-M High renewable, blendable Moulding Grade Masterbatch for rigid packaging applications

Cardia Bioplastics is an Australian headquartered global developer, manufacturer and marketer of sustainable resins, films, bags and products derived from renewable resources.
Our range of certified Cardia Compostable and Cardia BiohybridTM bags, products and waste management systems deliver a lower carbon footprint and are ideal for homes, gardens, businesses and councils.
Cardia Bioplastics, the quality sustainable choice - validated around the world by homes, councils, businesses and leading brands.

  3. Bitumen  
  4. Chemicals & Solvents  
    1) Benzene
2) Tolune
3) Resin Binders
4) MEK
5) MGO
  5. Dearomatized Hydrocarbon Fluids From Shell Global Chemicals  

Low odour high flash point

Environmental free



  6. Carbon Black  

Powder & graunulated

N 220

N 330

N 440

N 550

N 660

N 770 etc.


  7. Engineering Plastics  

1) SAN
2) ABS
3) Nylon-6 Firestone textile co Ltd-Canada
4) PET
5) PBT
6) Polysterene
7) FKM/PTFE/FEP/PVDF from APS Flouro elstomers USA
10) FEP

  8. Gum Rosin Derivatives    

1) Penteasters
2) Glyceroleasters

3) Gum terpentine

  9. Hydrocarbon Resins C5/C9  
    1) Phenolic Resins  
  10. Leather Chemicals From Quimser. S.A. Spain  

Drum dye & Fatliquors

Waxes, Binders & resins

Laquers, auxiliraies & Filling Agents

Pigment and anilines etc.

  11. OCP'S for VI Improvers & Lubricant Additives  

1) Calcium Sulphonates
2) Pour point Depressants

3) Sodium Petroleum Sulphonates

4) Lubricants additive packages for automotive and industrial lubricant

5) Lithium Hydraxide



  12. Paraffin & Microcrystalline Wax  
    Refined & Semi Refined  
  13. Reprocessed synthetic Rubber from DIH WEI CO LTD Taiwan  
  14. Plastic Additives  

1) Impact Modifiers for LD/HD/PP/LLDPE
2) Impact Modifiers for  PVC (Chlorenated Polyethelyne (CPE) Acrylics)
3) Polymer Process aids (PPA)
4) Flame retardants
5) Kresin
6) TPE/TPU/TPV (Taliwan)

  15. Plastic Raw Materials

1) LDPE - For Films/Extrusion/Molding
2) LLDPE - Extrusion/Molding
3) HDPE - For Extrusion /Molding
4) Polypropelyne - For Extrusion & Molding & GP Grades
5) PVC - For Footwear/Cable&Pipes & fittings
6) EVA - 18% and 28%

  16. Poly ISO Butylene From Shandong Hongrui Petrochemicals Ltd. Chaina  

Low Molacular weight PIB

Medium Molacular weight PIB

  17. Synthetic Rubber

1) EPDM -For Extrusion/Molding/Oil Modification as VI Improvers
2) SBR - 1502/1702
3) PBR - For Tyres/Tubes & Flaps etc
4) Chloroprene Rubber - For Adhesives/Vbelt/Extrusion/Molding application
5) FluoroElestomers - For Auutomotive/Orings/Seals
6) Eva - For Footwear applications
7) All kind of Synthetic Rubber
8) NBR
10) CSM
11) Chlorobutuyle Rubber
12)Bromo Butyle Rubber

  18. Titanium Dioxide (Anatase & Rutyle)  
  19. Zinc Oxide Powder  
    Priya Overseas Trades offers a variety of zinc oxide powders and pellets with purities of 99.9% and beyond, manufactured for specific market applications. Pelletized zinc oxide is an excellent option for production applications requiring high flow rates.
Based on the French Process, we start with pure metallic zinc. The metal is vaporized and oxidized in a combustion zone, utilizing our natural gas fired muffle design furnace. This typically yields consistently nodular shaped granules. Products are available with surface areas ranging from 2.7 m2/g to 10.0 m2/g. With multiple surface area options, coated and uncoated granules and purity options, Priya Overseas Trades has a product for virtually any application. Custom formulations are also available. A wide variety of packaging options are available with customized packaging as an additional choice.

Capabilities and Special Areas of Expertise:
User segments are Ceramics, Lubricants, Tires, Rubber, Plastics, Pharma, etc.
  P.  Nylon / Polyster Tyre codes & Industrial Fabrics - Grodno Azot (Belarus)  
Base Oils
Bio - Plastics
Carbon Black
Chemicals & Solvent
Dearomatized Hydrocarbon Fluids From Shall Global Chemicals
Gum Rosin Derivatives
Hydrocarbon Resins (C5 & C9)
Leather Chemicals From Quimser. S.A. Spain
Lubricant Additives
OCP'S for VI Improvers
Paraffin & Microcrystalline Wax
Plastic Additives / Impact Modifiers
Plastic Raw Materials / Engineering  Plastics
Poly ISO Butylene From Shandong Hongrui Petrochemicals Ltd. Chaina
Synthetic Rubber
Titanium Dioxide (Anatase & Rutiile)
Zinc Oxide Powders
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